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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Warning on Tbird TC 8.8 rear ends

Hey guys, thought I should throw a note up here just to give you all a heads up.

I have a 8.8 out of a 88 Tbird TC that I planned to use in the MG. ON a whim last week, I decided to drop a tire over the brakes to do a check before I started narrowing the unit. THANK GOD I DID! The MG stock wheels will NOTY fit over the disk brake set-up. It hits the calipers before I even got to the axle studs touching the wheel.

Just wanted to let you guys know, so you don't get stuck with a rear end that you can't use.. I have a Ford project, so I may be able to salvage it, but that remains to be seen.
Larry Embrey

Think it would fit with a 15" wheel for those of us who have upgraded sizes?

I have a Ford Granada 8" differential with Wildwood discs....4x4.5" .... these calipers foul on this inside lip of the wheel without the use of about a 1/4"'m still in the market for a set of four wheels...perhaps now 16".....

rick ingram

While I cannot garantee it for all wheel I think an aftermarket 14" or larger wheel would fit ok. I have a set of 13" aftermarket wheels that almost fit, so that should not be a problem.

BUT I am staying with stock wheels, so I am SOL for now.
Larry Embrey

Ford wheels will fit, so if going after-market why not spec. Ford T-bird or Mercury XR7 wheels for the rears?
Marc Judson

one word, SLEEPER.

Now if someone is going to use aftermarket wheels then yes that would be an option, but I am betting the backspacing not to mention the bolt pattern would be huge issues.
Larry Embrey


Hah, how are you going to quiet that V8 sound?
Edd Weninger


You don't have to run stock wheels for the sleeper look. Lot's of people change wheels. It IS an MG. That is sleeper enough, as long as it doesn't look like Jim Blackwood's "Beast". :)

heh Yeah but I actually like the stock wheels when they are done nice, andI can mount 205/60-14's on them which is about as wide a tire that will fit under stock bodywork..

Yes she rumbles but Most ricers (no offense to those driving japanese cars, but you know the ones I'm talking about, top fuel wing, neon everywhere) can't tell the difference between a fart tip'd 4cyl and a V12 Jag sound. Then there are the muscleheads that hav cars so lound you have to communicate via Sign language..

I just really like the stock MGB lines and looks, Only appearance changes I am making are new gauges and Miata seats.

Larry Embrey

Supercharged (Thunderbird SC & Mercury Cougar XR7) cars came stock with some very cool wheels. The SuperCoupe websites often offer them for sale.
Marc Judson

yeah they do, then you just need to change the front hubs to have the same bolt pattern, which is probably not that difficult to do with the help of a local machinist. You will want to check on the backspacing issue though..
Larry Embrey

Stock wheels can be widened. My 1966 has the original 1966 steel wheel centers in 15 x 6 rims. Now that is a sleeper.
Jim Stuart

Yeah way to go jim. I was going to do that, but then found the 205's that fit stock wheels, so decided to save the $$ involved with rehooping them. I WOULD like to see pictures of your wheels though, as I may yet end up doing that!!

I already sold the Tc rear (mustang crowd likes em) and I am going to use the 8.8 originally destined for my Fairmont project as it already hase a 7.5 which is fine for right now..
Larry Embrey

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