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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Water pump nose


Can I shorten the nose on a P6/P5B water pump? I would give it to a machine shop to do - but is it possible, and if so what is the maximum you could safely remove?

If I can get another inch off it then I can fit a fan behind the radiator. I need 75-80 mm clearance total fora 16 inch fan and the rad is as far forward as it can go and the engine as far back.


Liam H

Hi Liam,

the P5B / P6B pump is the shortest one that was offered from Rover. Further shortening is not an easy job and the pumps do not last very long. I had to change mine in five years intervals up to now. If you go for a custom design of pump, may be you have to visit the machine shop often.

If you want to install the vents behind the radiater (it is a good idea to go this way) you should take two small ones leaving enough room in the center, so that the pump can remain unchanged.
Both the vents in my V8 came from Mini's (L90 & L120 Innocenti) and fit behind the radiator without fooling the waterpump.

I was told that small size flat design vents are often used on Mazda and Honda cars nowerdays, may be a point to check out if this could be a source that will work for you?


That's a good tip Ralph. If I get two smaller ones it gives me the option of in front or behind.


I managed to get a monster fan behind my radiater by cutting the bottom tray to level with the upper slam pannel. You can't see the bottom 'cut and shut' with the radiator in and the slam panel is orrigional, so it looks good.
However if (when!)I were doing this again I would certainly put one smaller fan behind in the bottom left hand corner, and one infront, in the top right hand corner. Also use a two stage thermosat which you can get off VW's apparently.
I don't know why I didn't think of this at the time, its an obviously better approach with even better radiator coverage than the single (fans would overlap). Plus of course if one fails you're not totaly stranded. Cheaper as well because you can buy two cheap fans for far less than one monster high quality one. Because there's a back up you can take a chance on quality. Also it would be less noisy than the monster fan and use less power. It is also about 1000 times easier to do!
I guess at the time I had an approach fixed in my mind and was not open to new thoughts.

I shortened the water pump shaft by one inch, a P6 waterpump, I have used a mini (true mini) water pump flange, mgb flange is the same, I fit a new ally pulley built by my machinist. Voila


I can't access those photos. I'm very keen to see them.

Thanks, Liam

Here in the states, you get use a '64-'67 Buick 300 waterpump with a generic Chevy 350 pulley redrilled to fit. Its shorter I believe than anything else, I managed to mount a TR7 cooling fan on a custom adapter behind my late radiator which was moved forward ". My motor is in the stock position and I am using a P5B harmonic damper and alternator cradle so I know it will fit.
Jake Voelckers

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