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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - weight of the back end of an MGB

I posting this on the technical thread as well but given the radical things you guys do to your MGBs I might get better luck here.
I'm putting in coil springs and of course need to know how much the back end of an MGB weighs so I can get the ride height right.
Nick Smallwood's site provided the weights of the axle, springs and shackels (175 + 30 lbs), so if someone has by chance parked their rear on a weigh bridge I would be very greatful to know what the answer was.

LR=557 lbs. RR=564 lbs.

'79 B V8 215 rubber bumper car w/ rollbar, no driver, spare in trunk.
Carl Floyd

Thanks very much Carl,
I did some looking through the archives in the mean time and found a load weight of 510 lbs for the springs. With the rubber bumper and the roll bar that would confirm that figure.

Ford 8.8, sway Bar,drum brakes> LR= 577.5 & RR= 587.5 > 1165 #'s with spare and minimal traveling gear.
No Driver, 9 gal fuel. 1978 B rdstr. tires 205-50-16
kelly stevenson

Thanks Kelly,
I have changed over to chrome bumpers, but have a tow bar. 550 would be about right. I think I'll need to go park on weigh bridge at some stage, peoples answers have shown some significant variation, however 550 is a good figure to use when phoning around to see if it is possible to get a spring to fit up into the bumpstop location. Whatever happens I'll have to cut out the old rubberbumper bump stop in the rail. Even then that only leaves a compressed spring lenght of 3 inches, loaded lenght 5 inches, free standing lenght 8 inches, Diameter 2.5 inches max. Its looking possible!
I'll also need to work out a way of capturing the spring, don't want to depend on the bounce straps to hold it together

I assume you will be weighing and subtracting the weight of the old springs and all the rear axle components that attach to the body to get the correct spring load.


Duhhh, Yes I see you are subtracting the weight. I was asleep on that one.

Peter, I assume that you are using coil-overs? With these, you will not need the bumpstraps. I have got a 4 bar set-up (not actually set up at the moment, unfortunately) with coil overs. Theoretically, it is excellent, but you will probably be able to tell me about yours before I can tell you about mine.

Cheers, David

Hi David,
No, not using coil overs. I can get some springs made at 'Browns Auto Springs'in thomastown to fit up into the "orrigional as designed" location. If you are looking at 4 link setups I expect you are aware that MGB's were orrigionaly designed for trailing arms and coils! When you look at the trailing arms on those hydrolic shockers you can't help thinking "now if those were twice as long...."
I am actually looking at a three trailing link suspension set up. Alot like the one set up on the early C type Jag's and on the latest Mustangs. It should be very easy to set up on an MGB, essentially needing only a bracket on top of the diff' and some minor bolt in reinforcing around the top of the transmission tunnel/heel board between the battery boxes. Very strong there. There is at least six clear inches above the diff and tailshaft when on the bumpstops, so plenty of room.
I've had a hunt around and toyota rear links are around the right length. 49cm (bolt to bolt)puts the link directly under the axle. There are a number of candidates; Toyota Celica '79 47.5cm, Corona 47.5, Tercel '83 49cm, Creseda 52cm. All one inch diameter bar and 2 inch heads/bushes. The upper link needs to be around 40 to 43cm and I might need to have that made especially as below 45cm all the links drop back to 7/8 th diameter. Datsun 200B @ 40cm for example. They cost around $110 each to have made, apparently the required bushes are expensive and are a legal requirement.
Speaking of which, have you any information on this, the legalities, red tape etc? As a local this would be invaluable. Be very interested in hearing what you've found.

At the moment I am doing my homework and working out every detail. I'm back at work for two weeks and then I can get stuck into it!The idea is to design it as an easy bolt together that anyone can do for a few hundred dollars. Can I get springs? Found out today, Yes :), can I get two inch inside diameter channel steel. NO :( . Design around it etc. Can I get 3 and 5/8 th inside diameter U bolt for the pinion bracket? Panhard rods, Mazda 79 and Datsun at 98cm look good. setting up a bolt in tower (65mm square box looks good), can I use rose joints in the panhard (not in trailing arms aparently) Legalities etc. Going to ring an engineer tomorrow.

FYI the spring criteria are
Free standing height 10inches min'
compressed height 2.5 inches max'
Loaded height 5.25inches (400lbs load)
Closed, ground ends.
Rating around 100lbs an inch, total rating 200 t0 250 lbs.
Do you have any info ?
There is a long thread over on the engine conversions site. Some stilborn ideas and interesting links etc.

It might be worthwhile to check Whiteline Suspension Components ( as well as they make many Panhard rods both the adjustable type and the fixed length as well as other related bits and pieces.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

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