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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - West Coast MGB V8 meet

Any update on the MGB v8 meet in October. Where can I get details?
Tony Bates


The organizer, Bill Guzman put out an update e-mail the other day.

The event is scheduled for Oct. 22-24 at the Camarillo Air Museum, which is just South of Ventura, about 45 miles north of LA. Friday is a Restaurant dinner and tire kicking. Sat. 10-4 at the Museum for more tire kicking. Evening is a dinner at another restaurant, included in the price.
Sun. Wine tour through the Santa Ynez valley, byo picnic. All in for $40 and you get a free t-shirt

You can contact Bill at 805-484-1528

I'm probably going to pay my bucks and be over there for some of the event. I'll be driving my SD1 as the V8 B is still just a pile of parts. Maybe I'll stick an MG badge on the bonnet. : )

KJ Dodd

Anyone interested in attending send e-mail to get the latest information.

Everything is going as plan at the moment.
Bill Guzman

If I drive a 4-cylinder, do I have to park a certain distance away? :)
Steve Simmons

I'll be driving a straight 6, M3 not MGC, can I park a bit closer?
Tony Bates

Yes, by all means, you may park next to each other in the adjecent parking lot next to the Hwy.;-)

Hope to see you both there. I hope you will join us for happy hour on Friday. Again, you may park next to each other somewhere in the parking lot.
Bill Guzman

No can do Friday and Saturday is even pushing it, but I do plan to show up at some point. Maybe I'll drive the wife's BMW so like Tony I'll have a 6-cylinder. :}
Steve Simmons

Like Steve I won't be able to make Friday, I'll be on the East coast all week on biz.
I will probably drive down from the SF bay area early Saturday and try to get there by lunchtime (hopefully)
Tony Bates

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