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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - what fuel guage to use(ohms?)

Hey Guys,Im having a problem with the fuel guage,does anybody know what are the ohms on the sender,I would like to use an autometer guage like my other guages.Thanks

I used a VDO part #301 105 in my '79 B (240-30)ohms. It is easy to verify with ohmmeter, just measure from sender to ground with a empty and full tank.
Bill Yobi


Hi Bill,
Talking about fuel gauges, I changed all my gauges to VDO exept the fuel gauge altough I have the VDO gauge with me. It doesn't work with the original MGB sender. Do you know that if I order the VDO part 305 105 if it would work with the VDO fuel gauge?
Werner Van Clapdurp

Mine works perfectly, but measure the ohms to be sure. The moss cat. shows the same sending unit for car #'s 415000 on which is sometime in 1977. The 301 105 is the Vision series (illuminated needle and numbers). Part # 301 029 is the cockpit series (backlit).

Just found the measurements I made on my cars - about 35ohms full nd about 300ohms empty. They do seem to vary quite a bit hence the need to recalibrate the gauge when replacing the sender.

Paul Hunt

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