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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - What gearbox?

I have a gearbox ID# 27A002201D and I'm trying to get a speedo drive gear that goes on the mainshaft. I already got gears TKC1273 and TKC1274 ( for TR7) but neither one will fit over the end of the mianshaft. Guess it isn't a TR7 gearbox. Any information gladly accepted.

The speedo gear for the tr7/tr8 5 speed (lt 77) has to be pushed onto the shaft. Also notice that it has a flat that has to be aligned with the one on the shaft.

To do this correctly, you have to have the rear oil seal off the housing and use a pipe that goes over the output shaft to push the gear on. I think I used some PVC pipe on mine to avoid scarring the gear with a metal pipe. Once the gear is on, then tap the rear oil seal into place. Before you put it back into the car, refit the drive gear and rotate the transmission to make sure it rotates.

Moss or VB both carry the gears (both gears).

Richard Morris

Richard. Thanks for replying. Good information but my problem is the inside dia. of the gears I have is too small. They won't even fit over the splines at the end of the mainshaft. Can anyone identify my gearbox from the ID#? Is there a Rover gearbox that has a mainshaft with a thicker dia. mainshaft than the TR7/TR8?

For those who knew I got my engine rebuilt by D&D, they discovered I had a tired stroker. Now I have a strong stroked 3.5= 4.4L, but I can't get it in until I can get the correct sized speedo drive gear. Help!

try asking the guy that has this eBay site

He has more transmission parts than anywhere I have come across. I bet if you measure the diameter of the shaft and tell him what you need (or send a picture) he will have it.

According to his site, there are several flavors of the rover 5 speed. maybe you have the last version that is supposed to be heavier duty.

Richard Morris


I was told by the guy who rebuilt my LT77 gearbox that D suffix gearboxes do have larger diameter main shafts, heavy duty bearings and a larger oil pump.

You could probably get the parts you need from Rimmer Bros who are Rover specialists in the UK

Kevin Jackson

Here's another thought. Go to the land rover dealer.

Why? look at this eBay lt77 ad. It's an lt77, but from a defender and most likely is the bigger shaft.

Let us know if you strike gold on it.

Richard Morris

Richard, Thanks for the websites. Lots of bearings, gaskets and oilseals but still trying to find speedo drive gear with the larger inside diameter to fit a Rover SD1 gearbox with the suffix D. Fingers crossed.

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