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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - wheel flares

i know this has been covered before but i got no response from the archives. i am looking for a rear flare only for my b rdstr, i do not want the sebring kit, any one with a source or options you have used?, got to get the car ready for TN in may, jim
jim m Ted Lathrop of FastCars, Inc up in Michigan. He has a bodyshoppe just down the road from him that does some great work...I saw work in progress of a GT with flares being installed front and rear that looked exceptionally well done....not the standard "slap on the fiberglass" and paint. Contact me off-list if you do not have Ted's e-mail.

rick ingram

rick, give me his email if you would, yes i have seen the gt you are talking about, it is getting a gt40 crate motor installed if we are talking the same car. i sold that gt to the fellow who is having ted do the work, he is a car dealer from SD and a very nice guy. that is going to be one awesome set up when done, but i believe he used the standard sebring kit as i gave hm the info on where to purchase them. i like the sebring kit on gt's but not so much on a rdstr. what i want is a set for my rear only as my 7x15's with 205/60's fit well up front but still rub on the bent lips in back and i am planning on going to 8x15 in the back after flares. i found a fellow in CA that makes a glue on fiberglass flares for a b but he will onyl sell his as a kit with front and rear, worst case i will have to eat the $200 or so that the front ones cost, what i was hoping is some one has used metal ones off a wrecked car and what type of car that was or if some one found generic fiberglass ones that look good, jim
jim m

I had a good convo with my body man about this very topic. He says he has an adhesive that will adhere the fiberglass flares to the metal body better then welding a flare to the metal fender. I thought that was rather interesting. Not sure how much exaggeration was involved, but in my industry (insurance) we like inexpensive, safe, reliable, repeatable, and quality repairs. If bodyshops are using adhesives to put on patch panels instead of welding, knowing full well that they're liable to repair the damage should it ever pull apart, then I'm open to having it done to my car too.



I have seen whole replacement wings being glued on rather than welded... and London Buses are glued together as well!!
Chris Betson

justin, yes they have come up with some amazing compounds for gluing fiberglass to metal, i had it used on my mini's body kit and also used on this mgb rdstr when i installed the sebring kit but what i need is a source for fender flares, metal or fiberglass i do not care, i just do not want the sebring kit. any direction some one can give would be helpful ,, jim
jim m

Jim: a couple of weeks ago someone was talking about being in the process of fitting 4 flares using the Dodge Omni front fenders as the doner.

Hi Jim,
I am about to embark on the fitting of a Sebring kit to a roadster. Any tips and what adhesive did you use to glue the kit on with?
tony Bates


Don't mean to jump in here as you asked a question for Jim but thought I'd pass on what I'm learning about installing the Sebring kit on my roadster project.

First off, it's a lot more work (read costly) than I imagined (and I've got my body man doing the work!). Having to deal with fenders that are not mirror images of each other (ie: on the rear quarters, when viewed from behind, the trailing edge of the right flare was a very nice curve from vertical to horizontal but the left one had much more of a nearly 90 degree bend to it). The arch had to have a wedge cut out of it to re-shape.

Fronts: well, if I had known then what I do now, I would have cut the flares off the fibreglass and then attached these to the original metal fenders rather than trying to get the complete fibreglass fender to fit. Once again, overall fender shape isn't bad but some curves certainly need work. Much cutting at the rear where the door meets was accomplished as well as on top where the windshield posts go through.

I know all this work will be worth it in the end but quite a surprise!

As for adhesives, I'm not sure what is been used other than it's a two-part epoxy. I'll try to find out more.

Any questions, ask away.

Simon Austin

Can anyone post any pics of these flares?

Bob...Please send me you e-mail and I can send you pics as an attachment. rick
rick ingram

Bob (or anyone interested),

I have a collection of pics of my project including the Sebring flares which I can scan and send if you'd like.

Drop a note at my e-mail.


P.S. One of these days I'll get a digital camera!
Simon Austin

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