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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Wheel problems

I have a nice set of 16x6" Rover 800 Vitesse wheels and have been looking at fitting them to my V8 GT conversion. The PCD is the same as the GT but the increased inset means the wheel sits a little deeper under the wing. This doesn't seem to cause any problems except for one.... on full lock the wheels brush on the sway bar. Is there any way that the steering range can be restricted slightly to prevent this?
Nick Bentley

Nick, if the stud length is enough then I'd think some wheel spacers (about 1/4") would be better than restricting the steering lock. Can't think of any simple way of restricting the steering right now.
Bill Young

I fitted spacers from a Nissan. Some Honda spacers or V40 Volvo would also fit the hubs (114.4mm diam.).
Take care, that they are not to wide, as there must be enough of the threads left for the wheelnuts. Stud diam in depth should be minimum for the wheels!


Thanks for the replies everyone. I will get a pair of 1/4" spacers tomorrow. I have a spare pair of rear hubs so I will get the studs pressed out and put in my front hubs as the rear studs are about 1/4" longer. I was hoping to be able to fit wheels without spacers but hopefully 1/4" shouldn't affect the steering and handling too much.
Nick Bentley

Try and get hold of some rear wheel studs and fit them to the front they are longer.

Cheers Mark

Thanks Mark, have already done it.
Nick Bentley

Nick, the spacers shouldn't do anything to harm the handling, if fact they should improve it a bit. Ideally the center of the tire contact patch should fall on the rotation axis of the kingpin or ball joints. Too much or too little wheel offset creates a lever effect between the center of rotation and the center of pressure requiring a bit more steering effort.
Bill Young

Check the back wheels, they might touch on the inside. ie spacers also

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