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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Where can I get a Carter 400 carb?

I'd like to secure a new or used Carter/Edelbrock 400 carb, preferably with an electric choke. I guess they've been out of production for some time. Any leads appreciated.
David Duquette

I bought mine from D & D Fabrications. Their phone number is 1-810-798-2491. They came as original equipment on some old MOPAR. While at the auto parts stores, Iíve seen some Edelbrock carburetors that look just like the Carter. So they either licensed the rights to produce it or bought it.
George Champion

I think you're right George, they do look very similar.
David, Edelbrock makes a 500 CFM (the smallest available) with electric choke and I believe it's part no. 1405. Summit Racing can help you out (they have a website too).

I just purchased an Edelbrock 500CFM (manual choke) for the 3.8 Buick V6 in my MGBGT. Excelent fit and finish on all parts, and the best part is that it has "WEBER" cast all over it.
I put the carb (and manifold) on the car about a month ago and it started up on the first try. I had also purchased the "calibration kit" (of needles, jets and springs) to go along with the carb.
I have been to pre-occupied moving a house to fine tune the fuel mixture, but the house landed here today, so perhaps I can get back to it pretty soon...
BTW, I found the best price from Jegs (similar to Summit)
Randy Forbes

Manual choke 500CFM is part no. 1404 and calibration kit 1486 (I just bought them)

I found mine on e-bay, $185.00; good luck!
Chris Jones

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