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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Which pulley with Buick 300 Water Pump?

So the V6 water pump didn't work out and the Buick 300 looks better anyways, but the pulley mount won't allow for the 215 pulley, as its too deep. I've read to use a Chevy long water pump pulley and redrill the bolt pattern, can anyone confirm this? Thanks,

Moroso makes waterpump pulley spacers that come in a 3 pack for varying the depth of the pulley. If those aren't enough. Dan Lagrou has a water pump pulley that I used with a buick 300 waterpump without problems.

Why did the buick v6 pump not work??
James Johanski

The V6 water pump that I tried put the pulley out too far. I tried to press the mount down the bearing shaft and it wouldn't budge. I guess if I had tried to find a deeper pulley, it would have worked, but I want to install a puller fan on the WP and the 300 pump is shorter than both the 215 pump and the V6 pump.

I have used the Buick 300 water pump and pulley, P# 1359065, no problems and allows me to use a 16" puller fan mounted in water pump.

Is that a GM part number, or do you know what the application was for the pulley?

Jake,to answer your question,yes.That is what I used on the 300 pump.I bought the billet Chevy single groove,and drilled another bolt circle in it.I did have to shim it a bit to line up with the lower pulley.Mike
Mike Moor

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