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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Which T-5 do most use for their conversions

Ford or Chevy. Also what is the difference in the two?

I was advised to take the Ford one. The front seems to match with the standard clutch.
Chevy = Camaro and Ford = Sierra Cosworth? Or are there more Ford T5 boxes?
Looking at John Eales, there also seems to be some Getrag box that will fit the Rover V8?

Frank de Groot

Do you know if someone make the bell housing that fits the Ford T-5?

In the UK John Eales makes a bellhousing that includes a slave cylinder. The bellhousing seems less of a problem than obtaining a suitable Ford box. Maybe you have a source in the UK?

Frank de Groot

It depends where in the world you are, ie Europe or the US. Over here, the Ford transmission used most is the Mustang V8 T5, and the GM is the Camaro/Firebird T5. The GM version will bolt right up to the early Buick 4 speed bellhousing and D&D makes an adapter to use the Ford T5. HTH.

John Eales has a wealth of "goodies" for the Rover V8.

Some of which like the Rover V8 to T5 or Getrag bellhousing, which is supplied complete with concentric clutch release slave cylinder and bearing at 286, are listed on his web site:-

I've driven MG V8's with a five speed Getrag, but I would really like to try one with the six speed version.

His web site isn't as good as it should be IMHO, but if you call or e-mail you will be amazed by what he can do.

I have has two engines from John over the years one each for my B GT V8 & Range Rover, and he has chipped my RV8. I am a very happy customer!

Safety Fast

Nigel Steward


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