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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Which Volvo Rearend?

I've been going through the archives and have noticed a number of references to using a volvo rearend in a conversion. I like the idea of using the volvo since it should be pretty easy to find and comes with discs in place already. The problem is finding out exactly which volvo rearend might be best. I've seen references to a "200 series" but was wondering if that simply meant getting a rear end from an old 242 or am I way off here. What little I've been able to find also indicates that this rearend is maybe 3/4" longer than the standard axle which would further save on having work done to shorten it.
Certainly would appreciate any expertise on this as we are just beginning the project.
Storm Field

Storm, Others on this board would be better at giving you the information on the Volvo rear, but might I suggest having Currie Enterprises build you one (Ford 8.8 or 9 inch)with Ford Explorer rear disk brakes & posi with 31 spline axels. That is what I just did to my V8 conversion ( I ran the stock MGB rear for a year). It was a little expensive about $2500.00 including delivery but it will take 400+ HP and everything is new. Plus I just heard that they are making it in aluminum now. You can even go to 5 bolt hubs. their website is:
e-mail me directly if you need any additional information or you can check out my car, (it should be completed any day now) it is up at M&G Vintage Auto located on RT. 17 in Tuxedo NY.
Michael S. Domanowski

Thanks for the information. Since your car is close to where I live I'll try to get over to see it.
Did some more digging and it seems that the Volvo rear that I was thinking about comes from an 80s 240 and is about 3 inches wider than the MG axle so it would need the same work the Ford would.
Not sure the larger Ford is the way for us to go. From what I've heard they are a good deal heavier than either the B, Volvo or Ford 8" choices.
Storm Field

Tough to find a rear that is stronger than the std MGB and won't need to be narrowed. Very few cars as slim as our LBC's, and those that are, probably have low-geared, light-duty rear axles - just what we're trying to upgrade from! Posts here have referred to the US Postal Service Jeeps as having a suitable unit of the right width - but try finding one at a wrecker's. Our main options seem to be: 1) US car axle with good strength, lots of ratio choices, but needs narrowing and bracket welding..2) Volvo 240 series with disc brakes, plenty strong, but needs narrowing and brackets, plus highest ratio is 3.31 and not many of those..3) converting std B axle to 3.07 ratio, expensive, reportedly noisy if not set up right, but low hassle factor (bolt in).
Bob Wilson

I am in the process of modifying a postal Jeep rear end for my V6 conversion. It is about 1/2 inch narrower than the MGB and has a couple of big advantages. One is the positraction and second is much larger drum brakes. It is a Dana 44 model so I have new 3.07 ring and pinion to install. The gear set and bearings etc. run about $230. One drawback I did find was the tube size is 2.75 versus the B's 2.5 so I am going to have to do some fabbing for spring plates. Will probably do a mod on available Jeep parts or make up some custom ones with the mountings for traction bars.
Look at and there is a link to AAA automotive who is a wrecking yard for the Jeeps in AL. He should have some rear ends?? I got mine from an ad for $150 out of a 79 DJ5 which is the postal designation. Dana 44's a very robust unit and other than having to put on the MG hangers is a pretty easy swap and a Ford 8 inch with posi is big bucks!! Progress reports to come.
Thomas Rynne

Bob, Currie will put in almost any gear you want. I elected for 3.0:1 as 3.07:1 was not an option they had.
The only welding that had to be done was for the swaybar brackets as we wern't sure of the clearance around the pumpkin till we installed, it but they would have done that too if we had provided them with the measurements. They probably kept all the dimensions we provided them with on file so if you have a rubber bumper model it could just be ordered. I opted for the 31 spline axles which are not light duty. I wish I knew that they offered the pumpkin housing in aluminum, it would have been worth the extra money to save the weight.
Michael S. Domanowski

This thread was discussed on 18/10/2001

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