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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Why Flowmaster?

While getting quotes from shops to fabricate my exhaust, it was consistently suggested that I use Flowmaster mufflers (I largely attribute this to the large number of Mustang and Camaro owners in the area). I love the sound of a V8 engine but I want a mellow sound vs. a barely muffled dragster for my "B".
I had decided on a pair of Dynomax Ultra Flo mufflers until one shop told me that I didn't want "that type", referring to glass packed muffles. They also said that without converters (and the associated back pressure), the Ultra Flo mufflers would "pop and burble". Personally I enjoy a little "pop and burble", so long as it is somewhat muted. Of course they suggested Flowmaster.
I am using RV8 headers and am planning a dual system with "H" pipe and rear exit. Understanding that exhaust note is a very individual preference, I am curious to hear what types of mufflers have been used with the 3.5L and the resulting pleasure/displeasure which the choice.
Somewhat related to this thread is the fact that my brother (a diehard Mopar fan) was very disappointed at the last British car show because the V8 MGBs "don't sound like V8s" (to be honest, they were very subdued). He keeps telling me that I should "put a big block in it and tub it". Since he'll be present the first time I turn it over, I'd hate to disappoint!

Thanks in Advance!
Joseph Lagasse

I have a Rover 3.5 with a dual exhaust system and flow masters. The reason I bought mine where a combination of advise from this BBS, and the fact they fit nicely under the car. Sound is a very individual thing and although I liked the sound of the exhaust system it wasn’t beefy enough for me, so I drilled 2 3/8” holes in each exhaust, one in the front and one in the rear (to let condensation out of course) but actually to make it sound a little meaner.

The flowmasters onf a 215 sound very nice. A friend has them on his car and it has that perfect V8 sound and rumble. I have really cheapo turbo mufflers on my car now, and plan to go to flowmasters when they wear out.
Larry Embrey

Thanks guys,

What model Flowmaster mufflers do you each recommend? 40 Series, 50 Series etc...
Joseph Lagasse

And where exactly are they located on your car Bruce?
Michael Willis

Right under the seats

Funny this comes up today, I was just at the local muffler shop today looking at mufflers for my 3.5L and they also said flowmaster. The kid there let me drive his brand new mustang GT with 4.6L V8 and 40 series flow masters on it. Firstly, that car was fun to drive =) Second, the exhaust had the low V8 rumble at idle, but when you really hit the gas it got LOUD quick. I took the car up to about 70 (in a 45 zone ;) ) and let off the gas a little and the noise level definitely dropped off. My fear was that in our convertibles it would be entirely too loud except when idling. For that reason I'm looking more at a 50 series muffler for my car. Not sure if I'm going to center my gas tank and run a pipe out each side. It depends on how motivated I am this weekend. Duals out one side won't disappoint me either right now, so that still remains to be seen.

My two cents,

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