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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - WILL THESE WHEELS FIT ?

Hi guy's,
I apologise for posting this again but i think my thread on Ronal minilte wheels is dead.
I have had some more information of the seller he said that the bolt centres are 4.5" which i think is right, but i am not sure what the following info means.

5.5jx15" [i am ok with this ]but H2-E40, I have to admit i have not a clue as to wheather these will fit my 1975 gt.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Graham.
gt young

The only way you could get an answer would be if you either give the backspace or offset numbers for the wheels.
George B.

The E40 most likely is the offset. Usually E or ET is the wheel offset. H2 I think is the type of rim profile.

Thanks George, Mike,
If you are right Mike then i think the offset of 40 is too much for the MG [but i don't know] as i believe the standard offset is 22 positive.
Thanks for your support. Graham.
gt young


If a positive offset may fit. A few people (Marc) use SAAB wheels which may be 38 offset. This can allow fitting wider wheels at rear avoiding the LHR lip problem. Also could use a spacer to push them out again.

With this offset you may have interference at front, Marc has sloved this problem but again you could use a spacer.


I would strongly advise you to steer clear of spacers (except perhaps those very thin ones). I used big ones with stud extensions and had problems with them and they are actually illegal in certain countries .

I solved the problem by fitting Minotaur wheels which have a much bigger offset than most wheels, I posted details of offset on the board some while ago, they are about the biggest offset that will fit without alterations to the rear wings.

Michael barnfather

My SAAB wheels are 30 offset. My front interference problem was caused by a badly made front anti-roll bar. Once this was corected there was no problem. Interference with the left hand rear lip was caused by a a poor repair job after a sideways shunt. This was corrected and caused no further problems. Right hand interefrence against the rear bump stop bulge occurred only with hard cornering. This was solved by "dressing" the bump stop with a bloody great mallet.

Marc (and others),

What size tires are you running with the SAAB wheel?

Steven Rechter

Graham - I am away from home and my winter wheels just now but I believe the SAAB wheels which I am using are 6.0 x 15". I understand you need the extra width to use a 195 tyre to full effect.

Steven - they are 195 55 VR 15 without any modification or rubbing BUT the tight fit does lead to the debris on the tyre doing a little light paint stripping.

and now that Summer is here I am back on the OE V8 wheels with 185 70 14s and it is so much more comfortable on our third world London roads.


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