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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Windcreen washer upgrade

I suppose I am not alone in cursing the miserable dribble of water which seems to come up to the windscreen when I use my washers - especially travelling in a V8 at speed.

I noticed a TVR had a system small perforated pipes clipped along the wiper blades which allow water to squirt at close range against the windscreen and also to follow the wiper blade movement. The TVR dealer told me that they work very well and that the system is Citroen and is fitted to some Citroen top models. At about 7.00 - $10 per blade I am going to try them to see how it goes. It looks like a simple enough reversible modification and I'm not bothered about spoiling the originality of a R/B converted V8 if it contributes to safety.
Anyone any ideas?

keep us briefed - I changed to a much more powerful VW pump

I had this sytem in a citroen Xantia. It worked ok but the holes are just in a plastic pipe and the (a) get blocked, and (b) enlarge with time due to erosion, wear and tear, UV light etc. So not perfect but, yes, worth a try. But a terrible job to clear the blockages!
Steve Musgrave

Yes, I heard from the TVR peope that they became blocked from time to tome. They said that replacement tubes were a standard replacement in 6000 mile services. At about $10 a time. This sounds a lot of cash but on the other hand if it is really effective then I'm probably not too bothered. The standard kit is pretty dreadful. Anyway, I going to give it a go and I should be getting the bits next week. It's not a lot of outlay compared to everyting else in this conversion.

I went out and bought a washer bottle (with pump)from K-mart for about $10. Cheap and easy and lots better than the MG arrangment where you need two people to "prime" the damn thing when it runs out of water. Since just about everything else under the bonnet has been changed, whats one more thing?

I'm referring merely to the replacement of the external tubes on the TVR/Citroen system. I hope that if they are replaced at the same time as the wiper blades then things should go smoothly.
I agree - almost everything else is different. My car is a mix of Rover/Peugeot/TR7/Toyots, what's a little bit of TVR/Citroen going to matter?

Might be fun to see whos got the Most Mongrel MG (MMMG).
mines got '95 Rover motor, '85 range rover motor front, supra gearbox, Dellow bell housing, holden clutch, rangerover slave, bosh pump with nissan disks & volvo calipers happening right now. (radiator and drive shaft custom (of course)& various hand made bits.

All of this is surrounded by a thin coating of MGB to fool the general public.

OK. I'll add Austin Princess and Saab - that makes me an MMMG7. I don't think that Bosch pumps count or else we may as well talk Lockheed, Girling, Lucas, Smiths etc etc.

Well, my cars got a Buick block, distributor, con rods and waterpump, Olds crank, Camaro pulley, transmission, driveshaft and alternator, Shieffer flywheel and clutch, Rover oil pan, timing cover, pistons (vitesse)and heads, Original MGB V8 intake, carbs, air cleaners and dampener, TR7 fan, all in a '77 MGB.

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