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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Wow

Hi Everyone
Just taxed my V8 conversion and took it out for its first real run and Wow does it go took a saab driver by suprise never had so much fun for years still got the smile on my face
Michael Black

The best part is it will still be that much fun in a year, 2 years, 3 years.... I find any excuse to drive mine.

I still can't help myself when I come up against a pompous looking BMW at the lights. The element of surpise (female driver, little MGB) adds another 50bhp.

>>>when I come up against a pompous looking BMW at the lights.
=== that'll be most of them, then....

It is long steep straight climbs with 2 lanes each way that put an irrespresable smile on my face. Jaws must drop when this little english sports car effortlessly bags these local US inspired 4 litre derivatives. I maintain the same speed on the flats so it looks like my speed up the hill was normal.
Leave the SAABs alone I just bought one, anything but a BMW!!
Yes, I really think this V8 thing has a lot to do with the smiles.
Ian Buckley

Agreed! Drop it into overdrive as you get alongside them. Gets 'em everytime.

I agree with Ian. Hill climbing is where BV8s really excel. Their overtaking ability means that you never need get stuck in a line of traffic. But watch out for those who are not expecting you! They don't necessarily check properly before pulling out. Even if they do see you they don't realise how quickly you can appear. Then you get a chance to demonstrate your superior reactions and braking. BMWs and Saabs are particularly bad at this because they thing they own the road. Mind you don't underestimate such cars though. Modern upmarket cars carry a heck of a lot of horspower - much more than the average driver experiments with.

Re-reading this I've been down on the enjoyment front - sorry - so I think I'll just go out and *iss off some kids in hot hatches - but so don't they so get so narked!!

Ian T.
ian thomson


Congratulations on getting the conversion finished, you beat me by months.

Iíve just traded my BMW for a Jag but as far as I know I wasnít pompous looking, or is that the car not the driver that looks pompous? Is the Jag OK for MG owners, or am I pompous with that too?

Enjoy the V8 Mick, Iíll be there soon.

Geoff King

hI V8'rs

I had my v8 first time on the road 2 weeks ago.
I fully agree with the WOW: fantastic accelleration, great sound, very much fun driving it. Have to go for an examination by the traffic department, for technical checks on safetey, noise mesurement, brake tests and a testdrive. This wil cost me annother 600 Euro's, but it will be worth it. Hopefully the summer will be nice.



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