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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - WTB: 302 BV8

This may be a complete longshot, but I would like to purchase a BV8 (roadster or GT) with a 302 Ford rather than a Rover, and "done up right." If by chance any of you hears of such a thing for sale, please gimme a shout.

Here ya go.


MGB's don't really have 2" to spare. It's a tight fit in that foot well. I guarantee you that. (Tighter than I would find acceptable.)

Good luck,

If you remove the clutch pedal then there should be plenty of room. At least I understood it to be auto.

Actually I moved my brake pedal over about 2" also (when my car had an auto),right after I stepped on the brake and the gas simultaneously,somehow without going through the back wall of my garage.With no clutch pedal there is plenty of room.I know the English have bad teeth but do they have small feet too??

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Derek Nicholson

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Conan O'Brian

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gt young

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So that's where Justin T got the idea from !!!!!!!!!!!
Pete Mantell

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